5 extra-feel-good fixes that take less than 30 mins

Sometimes it’s hard to feel good. Really hard. But taking as little as 5 minutes for yourself can have an incredible impact on your well-being.

Here, we’re going to share some ideas to bring a bit of positivity and feel-good into your life.

They all take up less than an hour of your time, so no excuses.

Take that time for yourself if you can. You deserve it.

5 minutes – Mindfulness 

Have a candlelit dinner (trust us, it delivers all the missed-Euro holiday vibes).

Or, breathe. Ok, yes, we know you were doing that regardless. But breathing deeply is proven to soften your body’s ‘fight or flight’ stress response to danger (something that might have creeped up during COVID uncertainty.)

Insight Timer has 54,000 free meditations for you to try, including a 7-day introduction for beginners.

Or try ‘square breathing’ – in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, out for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and so on. Make a mental note of how you feel after to see if there’s been a shift in your mood.

10 minutes – Beauty Care

Make your skin care into a ritual. You know those deep double cleanses you normally never make time for? There’s no better time. Even if you just have a simple skin care routine, take the time to light a candle, maybe put on some soft music and make it an occasion.

Try out a DIY facial massage like this one to drain any lymphatic congestion, leaving your skin extra glowy.

15 minutes – Distant yet Closer

Call a friend. Sometimes looking after yourself also means looking after the people you love. If your desk job has mutated into 12 zillion Zoom calls a day, take a break from FaceTime. Whenever you next go to text them, pick up the phone instead. You might even go for a walk to double-down on the feel good. If we can’t see loved ones, we can still ask questions, chat about your game plan over the next few weeks, check in and feel all the more connected for it.

25 minutes – Happy Place 

Curate a ‘cosy corner’. We loved this ManRepeller idea to curate yourself a little nook for reading, scrolling, stretching or simply sitting in a blissful silence. Frame up some photos papped at your most happy, joyful moments, get a few plants to nurture and cleanse the air, keep creative prompts like pens and paper nearby, speakers, candles, books and maybe even a tea station. Plump and soften the space with plenty of blankets and cushions and try and tear yourself away…

30 minutes – Surprise Dinner

Arrange a surprise recipe box swap. If you can’t have dinner out with your best mates, bring the restaurant to each other. Put together a mystery box full of ingredients and a recipe. Place it on their doorstep, organise a delivery or simply send them with a shopping list and save the recipe for later. Cook together on Zoom that night and recreate the dinner party vibes.

Apart, but together. Always.

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