A moment with Fashion IT-Girl: Sarah Czarnuch

International model, Beauty Columnist, Fashion Designer and qualified Pilates instructor, is there literally anything that Sarah Czarnuch can’t do?

From campaign cover model, this Melbourne based muse is as comfortable in high fashion as she is in the stands at the MCG in her team colours.

We sat down with Sarah and get a glimpse inside her wardrobe and how she’s evolving her style.

Define your style? 

It’s ever evolving and changing. I can go from one extreme to the next, I use fashion to express myself so how I am feeling at the time is representative of how I dress.

One day its masculine, the next its ultra-feminine, sometimes sexy, sometimes understated.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me is a way to be creative and to communicate how I am feeling. I take pride in my personal style and enjoy putting together a look from head to toe. I love to experiment as much as possible so really thrive working within the fashion industry both in front of the camera and behind the scenes on my design projects.

What was your first major fashion moment you can remember?

Portsea Polo, I decided to go against the sea of white dresses and went with an all-black catsuit look. I knew not everyone was going to love it, but the look made me feel confident and sexy, so I wore it anyway. It is certainly not my favourite look I’ve ever done. However, it was a real catalyst moment for me moving forward as I gained a lot more confidence and took more fashion risks from that moment on.

How do you make your wardrobe more sustainable? 

The older I have become the more Intune I am with my personal style. I have learned to really narrow down what my core pieces are and what I determine to be a timeless classic. I select pieces that will have longevity and last from season to season.

A statement trend piece is always going to be something I love but I actively refining my day-to-day wardrobe and the pieces I have in it.

What is your one go-to look that never dates. 

Denim paired back with a white cotton singlet – effortless cool girl look! Sure, the cuts and shades may change with every year, but the overall vibe remains the same – a class timeless look.

Fashion hot seat: 

Sarah Czarnuch