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5 Sustainable Brands for Basics

Who ever said basics can’t be chic? Skip the Kmart singlets and opt for some classic pieces that support local makers, will last longer, and are better for you and the planet. To help get you started here are a few of our top picks for sustainable basic pieces.



Launching in 2006, Bassike was born out of a desire for luxurious yet wearable everyday pieces. The perfect blend of basics, Bassike’s pieces can be worn up or down with accessorising and styling. Being an Australian luxury brand Bassike carefully considers their design practice as well as their environmental footprint. By using sustainable cotton and naturally sustainable linen, Bassike are trailblazers in the sustainable, luxury space.

Spotlight On: The Classic Linen Shirt Dress ($495) & The Gathered Cut Out Dress ($395)


Based on a foundation of transparency, ethical manufacturing and sustainability, Arnsdorf is a brand for the modern woman. Each chic piece is made in their Melbourne studio and they have an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. By sourcing sustainable fibres and practices, Arnsdorf values transparency and doesn’t over stock their stores. By only producing limited runs, each piece is snapped up and purchased by a loving home.

Spotlight On: The Palazzo Pant ($380) & The Margaux Shirt ($290)

Arnsdorf Clothing hire


Melbourne label, A.BCH are going beyond the sustainable space and are pushing for a circular fashion economy. The Australian brand knows that it’s not just how a garment is made but how we care for them after the packaging has been thrown away. Manufactured in Melbourne and using sustainable materials like organic cotton, A.BCH stocks beautiful basics that are perfect for wearing around the house and to a business meeting.

Spotlight On: The Long Sleeve Skivvy ($90) & The Unisex Button Up Linen Shirt ($275)

ABCH Clothing Hire

Outland Denim 

Every basic outfit needs a good pair of blue denim jeans. While denim is notorious for polluting the planet and harming garment workers, Outland Denim are an Australian brand producing denim made with up to 86% less water and 83% less chemicals. Invest in some good quality jeans and in a company that are helping people as well as the planet.

Spotlight On: The High-Rise Abigail Jeans ($229.90) & The Sienna Wide Leg Jeans ($239.90)

Outland Denim Hire

Vege Threads

Manufactured in Australia using organic and eco-friendly materials, Vege Threads are leaders in the local sustainable fashion space. With singlets, t-shirts and sweaters made from organic cotton, hemp and merino, Vege Threads has soft and simple basics for everyday wear.

Spotlight On: The Hemp Summer Shorts ($149) & The Organic Oatmeal Singlet ($69)

Vegethred Sustainable for hire