How to dress for the day you want

What you wear holds serious power.

Borrowing instead of buying your couture not only helps to save the planet.

It can also completely transform your mood: give you extra confidence, happiness or determination.

Iso life was all about our oldest and softest trackies. We needed the comfort, and our comfy tracksuit was the literal embodiment of taking it easy.

But now life is getting back to normal, we’re desperate to feel more like our normal (butt-kicking) selves again.

It turns out there are deep psychological needs for this. Dr Jennifer Baumgartner is a clinical psychologist and author. In an interview with Forbes, she suggested clothes are an essential way to ‘help place us where we think we want to be’ in life.

And this is exactly it. Your clothes are more important because of what they say to you, not about you. 

‘When you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self,’ says Dr Baumgartner. ‘We see that when we do makeovers, and even actors say that putting on a costume facilitates expression of character. That’s just as true for everyday life.’

So, what are you in the mood for?


Who doesn’t love that feeling of owning it? When you’ve got something on that fits like a glove, it gives off that impression of complete confidence in your own skin. You feel like the truest, strongest version of you, and it’s one seriously addictive vibe.

A fascinating Harvard study published in Psychological Science found that people wearing knock-off labels cheated and felt more suspicious of those in the study than those wearing designer labels. Wearing fake clothing actually made them feel like a fake.

(And, with us, you can get that designer feeling without the designer price tag).

To feel empowered, you might also consider wearing red. Psychologically associated with danger and romance, red instinctively will help you feel fierce. Ever wondered why politicians or public speakers often wear red ties? Impossible to ignore, red is all about power.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. It’s impossible to have a bad time in neon.

Psychology professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire reveals that ‘happy’ clothes are often ‘flattering, well-tailored and made from bright and beautiful fabrics’.

It’s all about choosing couture with that’s of vibrant, premium quality.

Pick an outfit that accentuates your favourite part of your body. And why not experiment a bit to find out exactly what this is?

When you borrow from us, you can dare to try something you’ve always dreamed of, whether it’s a bold print or an outrageous silhouette.

If you’re not having fun with it, you’re doing it wrong.

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If in doubt, dress up for the situation, never down.

Researchers from Social Psychological and Personality Science found that when you’re dressed up, you feel more in control of the situation, think faster on your feet and have more creative ideas than your under-dressed peers.

Whether it’s an important meeting, an event where you’ve got to kill it, or you’ve just been feeling in a bit of a slump, try putting on something extra dressy and see where it takes you.

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