Walk-In’ Social Society

Walk-In is proud to announce the launch of a Social Society with founding members Pia Muehlenbeck, Elle Ferguson and Sarah Czarnuch opening up looks from their converted wardrobes so you can take them out on the town.

Featuring brands including a divine silk Caroline Constas dress, Exclusive Elliot’ suit in collaboration with Sarah Czarnuch and Zulu and Zephyr lux knit two piece not only can you loan the looks for your next night out but you’ll help cut the carbs(emissions) that the fashion industry contributes to climate change.

How it works?

Each Social Society ambassador has contributed one look from their wardrobe that is available to hire exclusively at Walk-In, with 100% of the profits from each sale going to one of two chosen charities – Dress for Success and SeaBin.

At Walk-In we want women to feel empowered through fashion which is why we decided to donate to Dress for Success, an amazing charity that helps get women back on their feet with outfits for job interviews.

Additionally, the fashion industry plays a huge part in ocean pollution and being an Australian start-up we are passionate about keeping the shores accessorized with beach goers no plastics.

New members of the Social Society will be announced each month with fashion items updated each six months.

Foundational ambassador and owner of SLINKII, Pia Muehlenbeck said “I am excited to be working with Walk-In and using my wardrobe for good. I have always been passionate about being sustainable and SLINKII is created with this in mind, making the Social Society a natural fit.”

To loan the Social Society looks click here