The fashion industry is slowly catching up to the news that it needs to be more sustainable. From encouraging second-hand shopping to implementing recycled fibres, both brands and consumers are understanding the benefits of purchasing slower fashion.

With all of the pros of shopping more sustainably why is it that (among some) renting is a fashion faux pas? At Walk-In, we believe that renting is the future of fashion and here’s six compelling reasons why.

It’s Cool to be Kind

Haven’t you heard? Slow fashion is the new black and buying an outfit to wear once is as cool as socks and Dad sandals. While 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions, we could all be doing more to reduce our own environmental impacts.

Renting your next dream piece is one way to shop within the circular economy and cut down the clothes clogging up landfill.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Fashion trends exist in a cycle of five stages. Beginning with the introduction followed by the increase and peak, trends begin to be seen as over-saturated in the decline and obsolescence phase.

With fast fashion brands all working to rip off designer labels or compete against one another, what happens is the same style of clothes inundate street styles, Instagram pics and ultimately, your wardrobe.

By renting, you can choose which trends you want to participate in and return when you’ve tried it out.

Your outfit is exclusive, unique and not contributing to textile waste.

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Spice Up What You Already Own

You don’t only have to rent when you have an occasion. Boredom is a psychological trigger to want to shop and when you’re bored with your wardrobe? Well, you may as well forget about those savings goals.

Rather than shopping the whole of Zara, why not rent a piece to add a bit of pop to your current clothes. By getting creative and “shopping” your own wardrobe, you’re not adding to overconsumption or spending all of your hard earned cash either.

Commitment Free, Baby

Do you ever impulse shop on your way home from work, wear it that weekend and then look at it on Monday wondering why you thought you needed another little black dress? Yeah, me too.

By renting you can still have the dizzying thrill of a new outfit just without the buyer’s remorse afterwards. Get the pic, try out the piece and send it back for it to go on to it’s next home (not to the back of the wardrobe for ten years).

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The Laundry Is On Us

You’re a busy woman; you’ve got places to go, people to see. By renting an outfit at Walk-In, we look after the washing so you don’t have to. When you’re finished with your new piece, simply send it back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

No fuss, no time spent washing new clothes and you still get to feel fierce in your rented outfit.

Style Straight To Your Door

Renting your outfit is easier than heading into the city to purchase something new. By ordering online, you’ll get your high-end fashion delivered to your doorstep ready to wear straight away.

When you’re finished, send it back (the return postage is on us) and enjoy the feeling of looking stylish while helping the planet at the same time.

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