Re-Walk is here and it’s making sustainability sexy

We are advocates for a circular economy, aiming to extend the life of pieces as long as possible so we can divert those garments from landfill.

The average customer is buying 60% more clothing now than in 2000 and keeping them for only half the time. This buying habit contributes to 39 million tonnes of post-consumer textile waste that is being generated worldwide each year.

Extending a garment’s lifecycle by just 50% reduces it’s overall footprint by up to 30%. 

As a borrowing model, Walk-In is already helping tackle the issue of fashion overconsumption and overproduction, but now we have created an opportunity to do more. Because we all should be doing more.

While pursuing reusability through encouraging hiring clothes and accessories, we are proud to introduce our new upcycling initiative- Re-Walk

Upcycled Dress


Re-Walk items are made in partnership with Australian creative Studio Oui. Pre-loved designer pieces will be upcycled into beautiful new garments and available for hire.

With absolute respect for the original pieces, our aim is not to redesign, but rather give a second life to items that have reached their initial end of life.

The goal: bring circularity and waste reduction to full capacity.

This addition to Walk-In’s circular initiative is allowing us to uniquely highlight the message of sustainability and work towards changing the perception of fashion waste because sustainability is very sexy and oh so fashionable.

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