Walk-In’ Top Fashion Podcasts

These days there’s a podcast for everything. From fishing to science, you’d be hard-pressed to not find a show on almost every subject out there.

But what about the fashion podcasts? With thousands of episodes published every day how do you weed out the good from the… not so good?

To help you learn more about the industry as well as the latest styles from the trendiest people on the airwaves, here are our top fashion podcast picks.

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Business of Fashion


Fashion NewsBusiness of Fashion Podcast

Start your week off with a healthy dose of the latest fashion news from around the globe. Hosted by Business of Fashion founder, Imran Amed, this podcast is a deep dive into subjects the industry publication covers each week.

With topics from fashion in a post-pandemic world to the anti-asian racism that’s plaguing the industry, this news podcast is educational and will keep you on top of the ever-moving fashion world.

Imran also interviews talented designers, founders and leaders such as Off White’s Virgil Abloh and designer Tory Burch among others.

Wardrobe CrisisEnvironmental EducationWardrobe Crisis

Founded by sustainable fashion advocate and former Vogue sustainability editor, Clare Press, the Wardrobe Crisis podcast is an educational show on all things ethical fashion. Launched in 2017, the podcast complements Clare’s sustainable fashion books and touches on a number of topics that will impact our world in decades to come.

With episodes featuring sustainable fashion activist Aja Barber and the designers behind cult label, GANNI, this podcast will be your go-to for the latest names in ethical fashion.

Fashion no filter


Cool Girl FashionFashion: No Filter

Fans of Parisian fashion, rejoice! The Fashion: No Filter podcast is hosted by British/ French fashion writers and Instagram darlings Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley. The duo give listeners a peek behind the fashion curtain as they discuss how the fashion industry really operates.

While their last episode was published late last year, there are a number of back-logged episodes to tune in to. We definitely recommend their ‘Pass the Mic’ series with interviews on systemic racism in the fashion industry.

Corporate Lunch


Magazine IntelCorporate Lunch

Brought to you by GQ magazine, this weekly podcast will have you on top of the coolest fashion trends going. Hosted by American GQ’s style writers and editors, this podcast is like listening to the formulation of magazine article ideas.

With discussions on Timothee Chalamet’s greatest outfits to chats about fashion week news as well as interviewing musicians, artists and designers the GQ style podcast is a great go-to to catch up on the coolest fashion news.

Articles of Interest

Clothing ChatsArticles of Interest 

This critically acclaimed series from the 99% Invisible Podcast group is a well produced look at the clothes we wear. Created by Avery Trufelman (who now hosts The Cut podcast) this mini-series investigates fashion topics such as the rise of casual wear, why womenswear doesn’t have pockets and fashion’s impacts on the environment.

Named best podcast series of 2018 by The New Yorker and the BBC, this series is a well-researched dive into fashion and why we wear the clothes we do.

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