Christopher Esber ‘Deconstructed Long Sleeve Knit Dress’

 $149.00 $790.00 RRP

This deconstructed dress is full of transformable silhouettes, giving place to both modern and feminine style.

This ribbed dress is knitted to hug your frame in the right places and fans out gracefully from the hips down. This design is traced with fabric coloured buttons that can be unfastened to create a deconstructed look.

The colour is beautifully unusual, a combination of deep pinks and creams. It can be worn many different ways!

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Why we love?

This dress is elegant and innovative at the same time. We love how sensual the cut is, fitting perfectly along your figure.


Size 8. True to size

Style with

The styling possibilities are endless. Can be worn as a top or skirt, with sleeves or without, or with a few buttons undone to create a cut out at the waist.

The choice is yours.


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