What does that even mean these days?

We believe it is possible to reduce our impact on the planet through our everyday choices as consumers. This includes having uncomfortable conversations, challenging our behaviors, and living with more awareness of our impact on our wonderful planet.

For us, it’s about owning a conscious wardrobe.

There is meaning in fashion, and we all contribute to the global industry whether we like it or not. So, our participation should be with thought, care and purpose.

Did you know? It takes over 2000 litres of water to make just one t-shirt. Wild, we know. So every time you rent a garment, you are saving not only water, but a heap of electricity and carbon emissions produced when a new piece of clothing is made.

It’s a funny thing to be on a journey that, technically speaking, has no end. It’s not like we’ll get to some end point and ‘boom!’, the world is sustainable. But we find so much purpose in measuring our impact, and in doing so, challenge ourselves daily in the ways we live in this world.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible in our business operations, with a constant commitment to improve.

We are working on finding new ways to offset our carbon footprint, and offer even more sustainable ways to package and reduce waste.

We ensure that all our items are given the love they deserve and that they last as long as possible. After a long time, some of our garments may no longer be suitable for rent, so we do our best to extend their life cycles: by offering them for sale through sample sales, or by donating them to carefully-selected organizations. If they couldn’t be donated, we are committed to either recycle (when possible) or other creatives who find ways to give our pre-loved garments a second chance to shine.

That’s fashion with a purpose.


P.S. We’re taking initiative and project to be able to create an even more sustainable environment in our practice and change the way we consume fashion in general. We are so proud to share with you our road map towards a sustainable future HERE.