Casual glam ready!

You need to try Karla Roccuzzo’s casual-glam makeup look!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love a bit of casual glam. It’s the best of both worlds. Pure comfort. Don’t-give-an-eff edge. The glam keeps it hot. And the casual keeps it cool.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to nail the effortlessly chic makeup look to match this kinda vibe. We aim for nonchalance, but we end up with nonsense.

That’s why we enlisted our cult-fave, best in the biz MUA to help us out with an all-day easy, bronze-meets-dewy neutral glow.


Looking heavenly in our Jil Sander tee, it’s Karla Roccuzzo. Go-to make up artist for the A-lister crowd. Creative talent. And mumma-to-be of her very own product range, withKarla, crafted with expert know-how on what formulas work best. Watch this space on that one, it’s gonna be ha-uge.

In this tutorial, Karla unleashes her full transformative powers. This look is perfect for when you’re luxe lounging or anytime you want to look spicy without going full red carpet glam.

We’ve loved trying it out while we’re working from home. It’s amazing what a good outfit and a made-up face does to your mood (and productivity levels).

Plus, there’s some handy makeup removal hacks and invaluable skincare advice in there also (thanks Karla )

Happy face painting!



©Anna Foster