About Walk In.

We are a conscientious rental platform for luxury fashion design. It started with an obsession with high-end fashion pieces and a true love for garments, fabrics, colours and textures. And of course, Paris, Milan and New York: our dream destinations for endless shopping.

This obsession was combined with an unwavering desire to do good for our planet, where and whenever possible. We began selecting the most incredible pieces of fashion from the high-end brands we love. We were scrutinous in our selection and have been curating over a long period of time; as a result, we have endless, considered options for you to borrow and enjoy. This is how Walk-in was born.

— Couture without commitment.

We love our ever-evolving collection and want to capture the true essence and experience of fashion. And above all, we want to share this feeling with our community and together contribute to a more responsible way of consuming.

We have created Walk-In with the vision to connect our clients with brands they love and value. To make them feel good about themselves without any guilt for the consequences to the planet.

At Walk-In, you’ll find us working on our style. We appreciate the latest luxury items but we do not ever define or limit ourselves to any specific trends.
We enjoy that sweet space between love and commitment, which is why things can change at any given moment.

We are of course in this because of our love for impeccable design. But we’re also here because we want our clients to feel amazing. Because let’s face it, balancing sustainable morals in our purchasing choices with the desire to wear something ‘new’ each and every time is tough. So, we strive to make a difference as we understand the need for commitment towards value.

Because everyone should have their chance to shine.



The things we care about

This is a relationship we’ll be in forever. Fashion is where our heart lies and it makes us melt with joy. Because our wardrobes reflect who we are and what we stand for in life. And that’s to be expressive, self-empowered and confident. Our wardrobe will forever be on rotation and available for you to enjoy.
Honesty is always the best policy, baby. We aim to be transparent with all aspects of our business, and strive to deliver excellence whilst being completely open. If you want to know any of our secrets, just ask.
This simply means doing good in every way possible. All of our actions, decisions and overall work ethic center around a collective and common goal: to be sincere and trustworthy to our community.
In an ever-changing and expanding world, we too must also adapt. Recent times have shown us that we can never predict what is around the corner. As the whole world continues to adjust, so too will we — in order to provide the most premium and safe experience for our community.
You are part of us. Our decisions start with you. You are what keeps us moving and highly motivated. Therefore we are dedicated to share with you a service and product you will relish. We are curious to know about you and committed to listen to your voice. And we want you to feel as special as we know you are.
We are dedicated to making a difference in the way we treat our environment. Sustainability is a huge part of how we operate and we will strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We want to positively influence the fashion market and encourage conscious behaviour while opening you up to a world of unique designs and trends.
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